"No Mow May" has become a popular trend over the last several years, with lots of cities embracing it and allowing for longer lawns until the end of May, but that excuse not to mow your lawn ends this week.

And one Wisconsin town is not messing around, they took to social media to warn residents to get mowing or face the consequences, which could include a large invoice from the city for the cost of mowing your lawn.

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The City of Superior is reminding people that they will start enforcing the city code for lawns starting on June 3rd. Anyone with grass or weeds that are more than 8-inces high could get a notice from the city to mow, if the property owner does not comply within 10-days, the city may come and mow it for you, and send you an invoice for the work.

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City of Superior code, Sec. 104-260 titled  "Invasive and noxious plants" goes over all the regulations for lawn and weed maintenance in the city, the code starts by saying, "The uncontrolled growth of grass and invasive species on residential or commercial lots or buildings is harmful to the environmental health and general aesthetic of the city."

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Did you know that the City of Superior has a Weed Commissioner? In the city code, it describes the role of the Weed Commissioner as the person who enforces the city's weed and grass codes. The code states that the parks and recreation administrator will oversee the parks, and the building inspector will handle commercial and residential properties.

"No Mow May" is a growing environmental initiative that encourages homeowners to let their lawns grow freely during the month of May. By temporarily suspending mowing, the initiative aims to provide essential habitats and food sources for early-season pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are crucial to the health of ecosystems.

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