Superior Mayor Jim Paine has been using Facebook to update the residents of Superior about the snow removal efforts and progress. On Monday a Facebook post from the Mayor in the midday said we were nearing the end of the plowing process and that graders were on every neighborhood. However, later in the evening he posted that the City was not "looking good" and that only roughly 50% of the City residential streets had been cleared out. Crews did work tirelessly in shifts continuously to clear out the snow.

The mayor did elude to some improvements that could be made with the snow emergency plan, but stated that it was the nature of the storm that caused such a problem. It was an incredible amount of heavy wet snow that their plows couldn't even handle. The city relied on their graders and bulldozers to clear out the streets.

Many people have been complaining about the conditions of the main streets. They are hard packed and rutted out. The Mayor has said that once they finish clearing residential side streets, they will use the graders again to break up the hard packed snow. One of the reasons that the city advises no travel is because vehicles driving down un-plowed streets causes the snow to pack down and become difficult to remove.

As of 12:49 today, the public works has an automated message saying that crews are out continuing to work on snow removal. If you feel that they may have missed your street you are asked to leave a message and they will notify the crews. 715-395-7334


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