Governor Tony Ever has issued a "Safer At Home" order for Wisconsin, closing all non essential businesses. Many people have been wondering exactly what that means here in Superior. One of the major questions was if the police would be pulling over motorists. Mayor Jim Paine posted an update on Facebook setting some things straight.

The Mayor once again urges people not to go shopping. The longer you can wait, the better as the virus has clearly been across the city with infected people that had not been yet showing signs. Many people had been pressing the Mayor and officials asking who the confirmed cases were and where they had been. His best short answer was everywhere.

The mayor yesterday, and again today, let the public know they can still go outside. Just stay away from other people, unless they are your immediate family that you live with.

The Governor's order goes into effect at 8am tomorrow. The roads will not be close, as they are going to assume anyone on the road is an essential employee.

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