Superior Mayor Jim Paine announced some key plans of his 2021 budget proposal for the city. The Mayor has often used social media to communicate with citizens, and this time he posted a message offering some insight on to what is in the proposal. For starters, there will be some changes to the Superior Police Department in light of racial injustice protests across the country.

In Mayor Paine's proposal, they would be adding a social worker to the police department. They would also increase police training to the highest level in the City of Superior's history. The public transportation system in the city would be expanded for the first time in decades.

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Snow removal has been an issue in recent years, and the proposal calls for an investment into sidewalk snow removal equipment and staff. The goal of this is to ensure that children can walk to school safely. Under the Mayor's administration there already have been trail and park projects completed, such as the trails on Wisconsin Point. In the 2021 budget, Mayor Paine aims to improve that with more trail construction and maintenance.

Mayor Paine's budget for the coming year does not call for any increase in taxes. He calls this budget proposal the best and most ambitious budget of his administration that took months of work fine tuing.

The budget now moves forward for city council approval.

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