Plans for a Solar Garden along Superior's 28th Street have advanced as the city council approved a land transfer of the parcel to Superior Water Light and Power.  The move makes way for the next step - a vote by the Plan Commission, which is expected to happen in April.

According to news sources, the property "presumably" already belonged to SWL&P - however an up-to-date deed isn't filed; records show that the city had plans to transfer the property to the utility company more than 60 years ago but the advance title work for this project didn't turn up a completed transaction. This time around, the transfer would occur with the agreement that if the project didn't occur for some reason the property would revert back to the city.

As we reported earlier this year, Superior Water Light and Power plans to build a Solar Garden on the 2/5 acre site. Customers would be able to buy ownership of as many solar arrays as they wanted, getting credit for any solar energy generated on their panels; those credits could be applied to the customers power bill.

The April vote by the Plan Commission would green-light a special use permit for the project.

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