Ever since ‘planking’ went out of style the world has been desperate for a new viral craze. While some of these emerging trends have been more popular than others ‘Supermanning’ may be the funniest one yet.

Look out the driver side window! It’s a bird! A plane? Nope it’s ‘Supermanning’ and it is starting to become a viral phenomenon. The meme originated somewhere in South America back in 2009 but after resurfacing this year, the trend is quickly becoming a craze here in the US. Sure, hanging out of a car window without using your hands might look completely dangerous, but that has never stopped folks on the internet from doing strange things in the past.

While we can’t advocate attempting this stunt on your own, we can enjoy a good laugh from some of the better Supermanning videos that are already floating around on Youtube. Enjoy some of funnier clips below and PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

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