Last Thursday, Minnesota Hip Hop groups performed at the Clyde Iron Works in West Duluth. Bk-One, Kill the Vultures and Mally were opening acts for Atmosphere.

The Minnesota rappers hail from Minneapolis and are all produced by Rhymesayers Entertainment. The show began at seven, opening with beats from Bk-One. Mally took the stage after that; someone I've never listened to but enjoyed seeing live.

Kill the Vultures took over after and played almost an hour set. Last, but definately no least, Atmosphere took the stage. Slug and Ant put on such an incredible show, I was blown away. They played a few new songs, but I was excited to hear all the old school stuff they pulled out. Everything from God's Bathroom Floor to Garuntees. Needless to say, I woke up Friday with a pretty raspy voice.