With the release of The Black Eyed Peas new track 'Yesterday' and their homage to their rap influences, It really got me thinking of my favorite old school tracks.

Everyone has their own preferences and there are so many great songs that flow through you and you can just listen to over and over again. Here's a list of my top 5.

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    Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

    Nothing better than a smooth hip-hop/jazz beat while the lyics melt like butter just like dat. This song was even referenced in the Black Eyed Peas song and almost everyone has heard this song at least once or knows about it.

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    Kool Moe Dee - I Go To Work

    How can you make a hip-hop list without putting 'I Go to Work' on it. There's something about this song that just pumps me up. Kool Moe Dee's rhymes and flow are just way too good and fast on this 'James Bond' sounding track.

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    Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone Fiend

    There are several Rakim songs I could have used in this list, but to me this is the song that sticks out. A lyricist ahead of his time, you could literally play any beat and Rakim would get the job done, he truky is the "microphone fiend".

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    Run DMC - Sucker MC's

    One of the most influential groups of hip-hop, Run DMC ushered in a new school sound for old school (I promise it makes sense) with this track. It was the group's first release and help build their home in hip-hop.

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    A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

    By far my favorite song by Tribe, 'Scenario' and also had a nod in the BEP video also happed to be Busta Rhymes break out song. Tribe is another group where a lot of their could have made this list, but 'Scenario' just flows so smoothly and the transitions from rapper to rapper are on point.