13 Biggest Hip Hop Conspiracy Theories Photo Gallery
Hip Hop has been around for quite some time, and there have been MANY "Conspiracy Theories" to  the stories:
Did Dr. Dre somehow "cause" Eazy-E to contract AIDS and die?
Is 50 cent truly immortal?
Is 2pac still alive, and did he really steal Biggie Smalls wife?
Baby on Album Cover Now 18, See Him Now. [VIDEO]

The baby on the cover of Notorious B.I.G's 'Ready To Die' album has been found and he's now 18 years old.  That album turned out to be a hip-hop classic with hits like "Big Poppa" and "Juicy".
Keithroy Yearwood is from the Bronx in New York and was picked out of a group of babies …