A superstar singer, movie star, and TV star announced a new tour and has decided to skip Minnesota on the roster of dates.

When I saw this tour announced, I was excited and thought about getting tickets until I found out that she isn't making a stop in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Milwaukee on her new tour.

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Jennifer Lopez just released her ninth album, 'This Is Me…Now', and is getting ready to hit the road after a five-year touring hiatus. The superstar has announced a 33-city North American tour, but fans in Minnesota and Wisconsin won't get a chance to see her live this time around.

What is The Nearest City on Jennifer Lopez's Tour?

The 'This Is Me…Now Tour' begins in Orlando on June 26th and wraps up in Houston on August 31st. While J.Lo's tour schedule covers a lot of ground, the Midwest is conspicuously underrepresented. Of the 33 stops, only a handful are in the region: Rosemont, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Detroit, MI, and Cleveland, OH. This comes as a bit of a surprise, considering many major tours frequently include cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Kansas.

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When Was Jennifer Lopez in Minnesota Last?

Jennifer Lopez has only toured a handful of times in North America, and each of those times she made a stop in Minnesota, so I'm surprised she isn't making a stop this time around. She's made two previous tour stops in Minnesota, her first was in 2012 on a co-headlining tour with Enrique Iglesias, and then again at the Xcel Energy Center in 2019 on her "It's My Party Tour.'

Lopez was also a part of the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, performing a "pop-up nightclub" that took over the Armory in Minneapolis during that week, during that show the Diva did a medley of Prince hits..

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