Okay, this is ridiculous but I guess not surprising:  a recent survey discovered that more than a quarter - that's 25% - of adult Americans have never eaten a vegetable.  The research - commissioned by a health website - also ranked which vegetables were most and least preferred by respondents.

But first - back to the fact that 25% of adult Americans have never eaten a vegetable.  That's a staggering number of people who are missing out on an important building block in their bodies nutrition.

As previously mentioned, the survey detailed which vegetables Americans classified as their "favorite"; corn, potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes came out on top - probably unsurprisingly. To my eyes, the list is probably pretty predictable, however I am surprised that lettuce and greens didn't rank somewhere near the top considering the large number of salads consumed by people.   At the other end of the list, Americans listed turnip, beets, radish, and Brussels sprouts as their least favorite.

Click here for a look at the complete list - both favorites and least favorites.

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