T-Pain may have stepped away from the Auto-Tune for his song "Officially Yours," but he's not abandoning the tool that helped him become a sensation. The singer offers up his first track of 2016 titled "Do Dat Shit" produced by De-Capo Music Group.

The song sees T-Pain boasting that his lady can do things that no else can do as he commands her to "do dat shit that I like" on the hook. The De-Capo production isn't purely EDM, but it takes some cues from that style with the build up and beat drop.

There's no indication of whether this track is intended for T-Pain's album Stoicville: The Phoenix, which is supposed to drop this year. Last year saw T-Pain return from a bit of a hiatus from music, which XXL spoke to him about.

"Everybody was interested in the same shit, which was the exact opposite of what I wanted people to be interested in me,” T-Pain told XXL last summer. “I just didn’t feel it anymore. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing because I was being controlled with what I was doing, you know what I’m saying? I don’t want people to think that I was in the Illuminati or something, but it was just the label got suggestions on what they think is going to make them the most money, your management got suggestions on what they think is going to make the team the most money, which they get a percentage of, and that was shit that I just didn’t want to do. And I was like, I guess everybody has to wait until I feel like doing that shit again or until I run out of money and have to, but that ain’t happening. [Laughs] So I guess I just felt like doing it again.”

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