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Most Disliked Celebs
While it seems like a list like this could provide at least a modicum of entertainment (after all, there's no bond more solidifying than the collective hatred of a public figure), there's a few glaring issues with it.
Bill Cosby Plots a Return to TV with a New NBC Sitcom
Just when you thought comedy icon Bill Cosby had retired, in spite of his recent "Far from Finished" stand-up (or sit-down) special on Comedy Central, the cultural icon and pudding magnate is at it again. The 76 year-old Cosby will return to NBC decades after 'The Cosby Show&a…
Horse Hoofs In Jello? Say It Aint So! [VIDEO]
This morning  Laura and I were having a discussion about Jello on the air and she mentioned horse hoofs and few other nasty things that are in Jello. Call me a big kid, but I still love my jello plain or with fruit. And If Bill Cosby eats it, it has to be good right...