Here’s When To Expect The Heaviest Snow + Updated Snowfall Expectations From November 30 Duluth Blizzard
Just a few days after parts of the region got 6-10 (or more) inches of snow, the Northland is set to get an even bigger storm, with blizzard-like conditions and greater snowfall totals targeting the Twin Ports area Saturday and Sunday. The Duluth National Weather Service has shared with the public an expected timing for this storm, illustrating when we could see the heaviest snow and strongest win
Leap Day Blizzard In The Northland
Oh Snap! Here is to all the people who said we will not get any snow, or said I will believe it when I see it!  Believe It! A whole winter with hardly any snow and we get 9 inches in one day. Gotta love it! Here at the radio station we were in the same boat as a lot of people, stuck at work...
No Blizzard. But Still Cancellations. Get The Latest [UPDATE]
Another storm has come and gone with nothing but underwhelming results in the Twin Ports. Officially we got less than an inch of snow through the overnight, but lots of wind. Expect flurries throughout the day, with totals equaling less than an inch. Heavy winds will continue with gusts up to 45 mph. The heavy winds off the lake blew dry air into the oncoming storm which prevented the snow from
Oh Snow!
Here I sit like many of you in The Northland, wondering is this really going to happen?

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