Epic Fail

5 Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong
Guys always want to surprise their women in big ways when it comes down to the proposal. But isn't popping the big question in a public place kind of forcing the women to say yes? Check out these epic fails.
Twerking Fail Video a Fake
Bravo Mr. Kimmel, the Epic Twerking Fail Video got over 9 million views in a week on YouTube........and still is one of the most hilarious videos I have seen in a long time.
Epic Twerking Fail
Following Miley Cyrus's MTV performance a couple weeks ago, twerking is definitely in the mainstream of pop culture. A quick search on Youtube results in hundreds of videos showing off different twerking skills in different locations. This particular individual thought twerking upside down against her apartment door was a fantastic idea. Unfortunately things spin wildly out of control in a hurry.
Laugh Out Loud With This Epic Fail Montage [VIDEO]
Ah the beauty of the internet and YouTube. What on earth did we do for entertainment before this? Oh yeah we played outside and socialized with our friends and neighbors. Moving on. With said inventions we can see the misfortune or screw ups from complete strangers, and in an evil way laugh a little too.
Woman Can’t Figure Out How to Turn Car Around [VIDEO]
Which sex can boast about being the better drivers?  Unfortunately for women, a few terrible female drivers seem to ruin it for the rest of us.  We are NOT ALL HORRIBLE DRIVERS!  Not all of us, being the key phrase here.  After I saw the video Tony Hart posted of the 17 year old girl who can't figure out how to back out of the garage, I thought I had seen the worst example of a woman driver.  That