Everyone has at least one awkward date story. They range in shades of embarrassment  but this one ranks toward the top.

A couple out to eat at an Olive Garden in North Carolina apparently weren't having the best experience, as the man built a wall of menus to block his view of his date while she sat awkwardly wasting time on her phone. The entire scene was captured by fellow diner Adam Howell on his Twitter account, who tweeted this photo, with the caption "A grown ass man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort"

Twitter user @ahow
Twitter user @ahow

The photo, which quickly went viral, received many comments and questions, making this already embarrassing date moment even worse as the world got to catch a glimpse online.

The guy who captured the photo provided some commentary including the following tweets commenting on what happened when the waitress took the menus:

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