7 Nostalgic Christmas Candies, Do You Remember These?
I loved the Advent calendar that had the little pieces of chocolate behind each window.  I was a pretty simple candy eater as a child, anything with peanut butter and chocolate and I was happy.  I certainly didn't make my parents happy, they were always buying the Christmas candy we n…
Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Cheap Romantic
There are ways to be romantic and not spend a ton of money. Todd Harding has done everything on this list over the years. Some of the ideas do take a little bit of work. These are Todd's 5 favorite money-saving Valentine's Day Ideas.
Best Places to Get a Christmas Tree in Duluth
Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is a holiday tradition for many. During the months of November and December, you can find people on every corner selling trees. The question is, where does one go to find the perfect tree? Here's our list of some of the best places in the Twin Ports to fin…
12 Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate in March
Here are some reasons to celebrate this month, plus the once-in-a-lifetime chance to create your own holiday!
Yesterday, March 1st, was National Peanut Butter Lover's Day. There's even a year-round website for lovers of the peanut-y spread...

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