Can You Name All the Internet Fads In This Vitamin Water Ad?
Vitamin Water is certainly embracing the internet in their latest ad. In the spot, a man leaves his apartment to go search for their sweet, vitamin-enriched product. He is barely off his stoop when he’s confronted by a sexy sax man. (Who is unfortunately not playing the solo from ‘Careless Whisper.’) And look, there’s a fellow planking on the fire hydrant. Yep, internet fads (or memes) have come t
Wondering What Most Use the Internet for? Well, It’s Not That Exciting — Survey of the Day
Why did the average American go online? For no particular reason (Ba-dum-bum). Although this may not become the newest joke anytime soon, it’s actually a true statement. According to a new report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 53 percent of 18- to 29-year-old Americans go online just for fun or to waste time. With 2,260 participating adults, it turns out that
IBM Wants to Connect All of Our Devices – Can You Say Skynet?
This week at a conference in Ludwigsburg, Germany, IBM announced their ambitious vision of an even more interconnected world. Basically speaking, they announced plans to create an open-source means by which all of our devices can "talk" to each other - from gaming systems to cars, heart rate monitors to shoes.
Kids Who Use Facebook Do Worse In School
For every generation, there will most likely be something that we as parents can blame for the decline in school performance.  My generation can blame the video game boom.  (It all started with my Atari...)  The generation before me, probably disco...
Study Finds Webpages are Read By People in an F-Shaped Pattern
A new study by usability expert Jakob Nielsen reveals that when webpages are read, we read and scan the text in an F-shape. Using eyetracking software, he found the first paragraph gets the most attention, making the top horizontal line of the F. The next paragraph only gets half the attention of the first, tracing the second shorter horizontal line of the F. And finally, we skim down the rest of
Prince Swears Off Recording Until Someone Fixes the Internet
Ah, Prince. Whether he’s changing his name to a symbol, scrawling slogans on his face, threatening to sue his fans, or publicly daydreaming about a world in which no one is allowed to cover his songs, he’s always good for a provocative quote or two. His latest interview, with the UK’s Guardian, didn’t disappoint.
One in Five Smart Phone Users Don’t Use Internet on Their Device
File this under "So why in the world did you buy one?" A survey by Ipsos OTX of 5,013 adults has found that 19 percent of smart phone owners have never used their device to access the Internet. Furthermore, 32 percent have never used an app, assuring that their smart phone Internet experience -- for which they are presumably paying a monthly charge for -- is extremely limited.
How Hard Can It Be?
The internet is a wonderful tool.  About 15 years ago, when I really "discovered" the internet, I was excited about the idea of writing a letter to someone and sending it electronically.