Meteor Explosion in Russia
On what seemed like a normal Friday morning in the Chelyabinsk region of South Central Russia, the unexpected happened. A large meteor streaked across the sky, exploding in the atmosphere, and unleashing an intense flash and thunderous explosion. We have a collection of videos from the explosio…
The Mighty Russian Poop Snake
Sometimes life can feel like a big ol' pile of crap. Thankfully, there are those rare situations when crap can be turned into something fairly useful. This is one of those times. Sort of.
Worlds Most Extreme Amusement Park Ride [VIDEO]
Hold on to your hats...and your stomach too. Presenting the Worlds Sketchiest Amusement Park Ride Ever!
Notice the giant trees lurking in the background? An amusement park in the woods? Yep, In Russia of all places.
While you watch the beginning of the video it looks like any other ride, but wait unti…
Nose Cleaning Contest [VIDEO]
Since I don't speak Russian I am not sure what exactly this is for, but having experienced water up the nose when I have been swimming, I would think this would be a tad painful. I had no idea that the Russian's were so obsessed with clean noses...