Sometimes life can feel like a big ol' pile of crap. Thankfully, there are those rare situations when crap can be turned into something fairly useful. This is one of those times. Sort of.

Russian cattle farmer Mikhail Bopposov has a special knack for making animal feces art. He recently erected a sculpture that pays homage to the Chinese Year of the Snake, which begins on February10th. While we get the appeal of celebrating other cultures and their traditions, and we like art, let's not lose focus here: He created a poop reptile, guys.

It's quite a clever construction when you think about it, because it really does resemble a massive pile of crap at first glance. The sculpture is composed of a whopping 880 pounds of frozen cow poop, and stands loudly and proudly in the center of Bopposov's small Russian village. It was apparently intended for the kiddos of the town, so they could "play around and have some fun," because nothing says "fun" like playing with a huge frozen turd in the shape of a venomous serpent. Even we can't tell if we are being sarcastic.

The snake will have to be knocked over come springtime, since the poop pile, if defrosted, would smell the-opposite-of-awesome. For now though, it's a charming addition to the village's landscape.

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