Action Movie Hero Squirrel Terrorizes Kitchen and Exits as Only an Action Hero Would [VIDEO]
These people must get squirrels in their kitchen often, as they don't seem really affected by it. I know if that were me, I doubt I would be filming it, I would be trying to get the rodent out of my house ASAP. In fact, the squirrel seems like he wants to get out faster than the people want him to, but when this squirrel decides it's time to go, he makes quite the Ethan Hunt, or James Bond exit. R
Planking Squirrel Chills on the Porch [VIDEO]
Many internet commentators have called "planking" dead after Playboy Hugh Hefner offered his own planking picture. Since then, the hunt for the latest internet craze has been on, including things like "horsemanning" and "owling."