I got quite the surprise this morning when I went to wake up my daughter. I opened the blinds in her room and the first thing I see is something strange floating in my pool.

It was white and appeared to have a fluffy tail, it was a squirrel, dead and floating in my pool. And I've seen this squirrel around the neighborhood before, I even named it Gandalf The White, because of its bleach white fur.

I don't have a huge pool, it's about 8 feet wide and two or three feet deep and it sits in my backyard next to my garage, above it are some utility lines, which is where I believe the squirrel feel from into my pool, because I can't imagine it jumped in from the fence or even garage roof.

While my daughter ate her breakfast, I ran outside and plucked the poor, dead varmint from the pool using a lawn rake. I placed its lifeless body in a Super One plastic bag (hoping the whole time that it really was dead and wasn't going to spring back to life), said a quick prayer and threw it in the garbage can. But I can't help thinking I have some voodoo curse on me now for killing some sacred white squirrel.

RIP Gandalf The White Squirrel

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