Winter events are being cancelled all throughout the state, temperature records are being broken almost daily, and now Minnesotans are installing outdoor pools in February!

Normally, pool installations won't start until April in most parts of Minnesota, but due to this year's unbelievably warm weather, one St. Paul swimming pool business decided to get an early start to the season by installing a new pool on February 5th.

A Pool Day began calling customers who were scheduled to get a pool installed this spring to see if anyone was willing to go early, like WAY early, they originally were shooting to try and install one in January, but that turnaround proved to be to quick, so they had to settle for February.

The customer that agreed to have their pool installed said that the novelty of having the pool installed in February was too intriguing to pass up, so crews arrived at the South St. Paul home yesterday and began digging.

The ground is usually frozen and is covered by inches, if not feet, of snow this time of the year, but not this year, A Pool Day said they only encountered a couple inches of frost, but the heavy machines plowed through that with no problem.

Shawn Racine, co-owner of A Pool Day, told FOX 9, "Even the city that was pulling the permits and helping us with that process, they were really giddy, too. They were like, I can’t believe this is happening."


Crews arrived early in the morning and dug the hole where the fiberglass pool was laid in, they trenched in the plumbing for the pool and even filled it with water, all in one day.

A Pool Day said they had no problem finding water to be delivered to the new pool, it turns out they aren't a bust as they generally are this time of the year filling outdoor ice rinks, so they were able to find water easily that they anticipated.

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