A Minnesota State Trooper in the St. Michael area saw a pick up truck fly by with a seeming minor violation, but when he got closer he realized their was much more going on than he thought.

On June 17th a 17 year old kid and his buddy were in the cab of his pick up truck with three girls in the back of the truck. If that is not bad enough and illegal, this guy took a tarp and filled the tailgate of his truck making a swimming pool. The young driver was initially pulled over for a cracked windshield, but obviously this turned into something much bigger.

He was issued a ticket for unsafe operation of a vehicle and escorted home by the police. No word on what kind of punishment his parents dolled out for him, but If he does it again hopefully he will keep the mobile kiddie pool parked in the driveway!

Check out the video below of these random rednecks, it sure makes me wish that 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" was still on the air.