This past Wednesday The Minnesota Department of Health announced an update on the COVID-19 regulations for bars regarding leagues like darts, billiards, bags and other organized leagues. This is great news for bars who may be struggling with customers shying away from their business, but they do need to continue to follow the capacity rule and COVID-19 Precautions.

With this update the (MDH) reiterated that patrons in a bar are not allowed to play billiards, darts, bags or other entertainment games unless they are in a league. I know that dancing is still prohibited in bars in Minnesota and patrons in a bar or restaurant must remain seated at all times.

Here are the current guidelines for League Play as established by the Minnesota Department of Health:

  1. During these league events the restaurant or bar must limit it's total capacity to 25% and cannot exceed 250 people total.
  2. The restaurant or bar will be responsible to keep track of the number of participants and allow for 6 feet of physical distancing between them.
  3. The restaurant or bar must provide a waiting area for participants to hang out in that allows 6 feet of social distance between everybody.
  4. All participants must wear a face mask at all times, but will be allowed to remove their masks to eat and drink, but they must be six feet apart from others before  removing their mask.
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I am happy for people that participate in these leagues that they can have some sense of normalcy back, but I would think this would be hard to monitor the number of people allowed in the bar once a league is there for the evening. You would almost need someone at the door to turn customers away if they are at capacity. But I completely understand why these regulations need to be in place, and hopefully some day things will be back to normal again.

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