A St. Paul Police Officer is lucky to be alive, let alone just have suffered some bumps, bruises and scrapes after he was dragged for blocks while in pursuit of a suspect. The incident happened early Thursday afternoon on the 900 block of Arcade Street, just south of the Payne-Phalen area.

Officers were called to the scene when it was reported that apparently a man was in the area seen chasing and harassing a 14-year-old girl. A foot chase ensued as the officer ran after the suspect when a white pickup truck suddenly appeared and the suspect jumped in the back of the truck.

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It is not known at this time if the suspect knew the person in the white pickup truck or if that person just happened to be driving by the scene but according to the St. Paul Police the driver of the white pickup told the suspect to hop in the back which he did. He then grabbed the officer's arm and punched the officer in the face holding his arm as he was being dragged down the street. The officer was finally able to free himself as the driver continued to take off down the street.

Chief Axtell of the St. Paul Police Department released the following statement:

Officer Morgan is tough, so he's going to be OK, but this could have ended tragically; we got lucky. It just goes to show you how quickly a seemingly ordinary call for service can take strange and dangerous turns. Hopefully someone out there knows who was involved and will give us a call so we can figure out why the man was chasing the 14-year-old girl and why the driver decided to help him make a break for it. If you know any of the people involved, that number to call is 651-266-5650.

Hopefully this suspect is caught before anyone else is in danger especially if he was seen harassing a child, this guy needs to get caught and be off the streets. Thank you to this brave officer who put his life in the line to try and apprehend this man. What a scary situation for the officer, glad to hear that his injuries were minimal.

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