The World’s Worst Tourists Are Americans
According to a Living Social Travel survey of 5,000 tourists, 4,000 who were American, we have been labeled as the "Worst Tourists in the World". The basis of the survey was "Sticky Fingers." Apparently American Tourists feel that when they are at a hotel it is free reign to take what ever they please.
German Cruise Ship Returns to Duluth After 4 Year Absence
"Willkommen to Duluth!"  I'm working on my German just in case I happen to run into any of the 370 German tourists cruising into Duluth today on the cruise ship 'Columbus'. The German luxury liner 'C. Columbus' has returned to the Great Lakes for two cruises this month and is scheduled to make stops in Duluth on both legs of the Toronto-Chicago route today and again on Thursday, Septe

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