When you live in a place as beautiful as the Twin Ports we are so used to tourists coming here to see and do things that maybe we just don't even realize are awesome and exciting, So if you are looking for a fun Fall Road trip I may have found the place. For a city kid like myself going onto a farm is a fun adventure and this place really seems to crank it up a notch.

Otter Berry Farm in Rush Lake  Minnesota has the corn maze to top them all, along with animals, food, games and pumpkins galore!  This Family owned Farm is about 150 miles straight West of Duluth and looks like it would be worth the drive.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

The Corn Maze this year is actually interactive, so you can play along on your phone (if you want) as you navigate through the maze! Look for each check point, play trivia and see if you can complete the maze faster than your friends! Plus It also has two parts, so if you have had enough 1/2 way through you can exit the maze, or keep on going through the second half. 

I have a horrible sense of direction so I would definitely need to navigate this on my phone. The Corn Maze will be open every weekend starting September 8th-28th of October. For more information about this fun place for all ages Click Here

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