Presidential Election 2012.  If you're someone who's "into politics" then this may be an exciting time for you.  I wouldn't say I'm a political person--and mostly because I follow the simple rule of avoiding discussion on two subjects with people I'd like to remain friends with.  Religion and Politics.

The other reason I tend to stay away from politics, is because unless you're a dedicated researcher, or watch hours of debates, CNN, or any other news source, it's hard to stay informed on EVERY CANDIDATE on EVERY ISSUE.  It's hard for me to identify myself with any one party because there are certain aspects of most candidates that I can agree with.  Everyone who plans to vote in the Presidential Election should look deep into each candidate and where they stand on major issues.  Here's a website where you can take a quiz that will show you which candidate you're most aligned with.  Hopefully it may help you decide on which candidate you side with on the major issues.  It may not be an exact science, but at least you'll get a good starting point when it comes to who will fill your ovals come November.