Jay-Z has a famous fan in New Jersey and it’s the Tanning Mom. The overly-crisp woman, legally known as Patricia Krentcil, came under fire and became a part of the national conversation a few days ago for allegedly taking her daughter to a tanning booth with her. Now she was caught on film rocking out to the Hova’s ‘Young Forever.’

Tanning Mom, who looks like a basketball, thanks to her faux orange glow, also sports mega-long, ‘Jersey Shore’ nails and a ruffly, too short skirt for a woman her age in this clip. But she doesn’t care about being age appropriate, rocking out to Jay-Z while in her SUV, parked in a driveway and waiting for someone to come out of the house.

Krentcil was arrested last week for supposedly taking her daughter in the tanning booth with her. She denied the charge, saying while she totes her daughter to the tanning salon with her, like any normal errand, she does not expose the child to the tanning bed or the UV rays.

Too bad she exposed the world to her fried-to-a-crisp skin.

In all seriousness, she can’t think that burned skin looks good. Shame on her family for not staging a tantervention!

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