You’ve read Amber Portwood’s story in news headlines, but soon you’ll be able to read the story from her own perspective.

The reality TV star has announced she’s coming clean in a tell-all focusing on her downward spiral that was publicly documented on ‘16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom.’

Fans who followed her on MTV already have some idea of her history with sex, drugs and depression -- or at least what the series portrayed. Her memoir ‘Never Too Late’ will shed light on what really happened in front of and behind cameras, and how Amber has managed to get her life back together since then.

“Addiction. Mental illness. Death. Divorce. Betrayal. Violence. Suicide attempts. Felony charges. Rehab. Drug overdoses. Jail. Oh yeah, and there’s some sex and rock ‘n’ roll in there, too. But I’m going to tell you how it all happened,” the 24-year-old promises in an excerpt from her book.

The autobiography is sure to be a dark look into Amber’s troubling past, but it also promises to showcase how she fought to become a better person and a better mother, both for herself and for her young daughter Leah.

‘Never Too Late’ will be released on Aug. 26, 2014.

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