As of late we have noticed a surge in very inappropriate behavior with our two teenagers and one pre-teen.....horrible table manners.What is even worse is they are carrying this behavior to some degree out in public too and it needs to stop.

When I was growing up being the youngest of 5 kids things could have gotten out of control very easily, but my parents were adamant about good table manners, and being polite in general. Looking back on it now I think "Thanks Mom and Dad,"  and we are trying to instill that in our kids.

I was a teenager once and it is a truly difficult time of your life, we are so lucky in that  the kids, are kind, loving and  for the most part really good kids, but burping contests and punching each other at the dinner table is not cool, at least in our eyes. As I explained to them. they were better behaved when they were little then they are now.

Since kids, especially teenagers like to tune you out I decided to do a little research and came across this great article from which is posted on our fridge as a constant reminder. I refuse to raise kids who act like this as young adults and in the future pass this on to their kids. So If you want help in trying to curb this with your teens post this on your fridge too.

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