No question that times are tough for many people who are out job hunting right now, teens included.

A new trend has popped up in the last few years with teens competing with adults for  the same jobs, especially in the Summer.

With many people unable to retire, people being laid off and 2 income households the job market is squeezed now more than ever.

In a recent survey many teens expressed that they are so discouraged that they don't even want to look, but with funding for many students going by the wayside ,college will be out of reach with out a job.

I know my worst teen job was handing out free samples at a grocery store. It was a super laid back but, I was stuck by the refrigerator section so I froze. Plus, when my friends caught wind of what store I was at, it was on with them coming in and harassing me. If you are on the hunt for a job, check out the video below for some helpful hints.