As more people hit the road with electric self-driving cars, I suspect we will be hearing about many more stories like this in the future.

The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department says that on the morning of May 16th, just before 8 AM, a sheriff's deputy was called to investigate a report of a Tesla crossing the Illinois/Wisconsin border on I-94 where the driver appeared to be sleeping.

The deputy found the vehicle on I-94 and pulled alongside the car and observed the driver with his head down not looking at the road and appeared to be sleeping. The deputy pulled behind the driver to initiate a traffic stop with lights and sirens and the driver continued at a speed of 82 MPH.

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After trying to pull the car over for 2 miles without any reaction from the car or driver, the deputy pulled alongside the vehicle again when the driver finally noticed the deputy and pulled over near CTH KR.

The driver is identified by the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department as a 38-year-old male from Palatine, IL. The driver admitted to being tired but denied that he was sleeping behind the wheel. The deputy reported that there were no signs of impairment to the driver. The driver was issued a traffic citation for Inattentive driving and his Tesla was impounded.

Get this, the driver has been reported for this twice before in August and February of 2020, and that was just in Kenosha County, the officers talking to the man that pointed out that they didn't have information from Illinois or other counties in Wisconsin where he might have done it as well. Hopefully, the dude has learned his lesson now.

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