In the last few years the Alpha-gal triggered immune response has become more widely known to cause humans to have an allergy to red meat. I actually know people who have been diagnosed with it. There is new research that shows it may be even more likely to contract this affliction from a tick bite than previous though. Here's why according to the Medical Xpress:

Originally it was thought that in order to trigger the allergy, a human needed to be bit by a tick that had previously fed on a mammal that had the Alpha-gal. Now researchers say it is possible for the tick to induce the Alpha Gal immune response without having to feed on an infected mammal first. That brings the likelihood of contracting this incurable allergy up. That's scary stuff.

So what are we to do? Best practices are to avoid tick bites by using tick repellent, wearing lighter clothes when outdoors so they are easier to spot, staying away from tall grass, and doing frequent self checks for ticks.

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