The Christmas City of the North Parade is a Northland tradition with generations of family members participating in it through the years, or bundling up to watch it in person.  The parade is set to go on as planned on Friday November 20 but with one major change, no in-person spectators.

Floats will line up this year on Michigan Avenue and the floats will be broadcast on TV and KBJR 6's website in front of the William A. Irvin. The High School Bands and dance groups will also perform but it will be pre-recorded ahead of time and played back during the parade.

David Jensch, who is KBJR 6's Vice President and Station Manager, said:

We decided to pre-record the bands and the dance groups so that we could keep numbers down to meet the state COVID-19 guideline

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The Duluth Police Department will be out in force blocking access to spectators and everyone involved in the parade must wear a mask and social distance following  COVID-19 Protocols. In all the years that I was in the parade I was usually lucky enough to be inside a warm vehicle as the weather always seemed to be awfully cold or even snow showers, which does make it very festive.

I always empathized with the kids that were marching in a band or the dancers as they would be hopping around trying to stay warm before the parade got underway. But it is all worth it when you see the smiles on their faces as they walk by the cameras and see that they are having the time of their lives.

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