The 8th Annual Willie Kruger Dance Competition is an annual event bringing kids from all areas of dance together in one place to have fun and show off their skills. The event is Sunday November 11 from 2-6pm at Grandmas Sports Garden and is FREE!  This is an open style dance competition where kids compete against each other. The competition is for kids age 9-up and the age groups are 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-up and group competition. The group has to have at least 2 dancers but not more than 10.

Participants will dance in front of a panel of three judges and will be scored up to a maximum of 50 points per judge with a perfect score being 150 points. The two top dancers or groups in their category with the highest combined scores will compete against each other for 1st and 2nd place.

There will also be a dance performance to open the show by dancer Samia Smith,  judges include Darren Franco, Michelle Ware, and Mark Pogorelskin, The MC is Ant Jonez and the DJ is DJ Prolific. There will be 30 minute intermission which will include guest performers Jodie Meunier and Buda (Jake Budisalovich)

Donations of Hats and Mittens for the Homeless will also be collected that day. Check out some of the competition from last year below:

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