Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/TownsquareMedia
Photo courtesy of Jeanne Ryan/TownsquareMedia

Yesterday as I was sitting out on our front stoop with the dogs I felt something crawl across the top of my foot, it was a disgusting Army Worm!

I had never heard of these creatures before I moved to Duluth, but since then I have heard stories about how they covered the road and smoosh under your tires. Gross! Every year the conversation in the summer turns to.... is this the year they are going to be bad? Thankfully this is the only one I have seen so far, and we have plenty of stuff for them to eat, with tons of bushes and trees.

Cooper and I were discussing this today as to whether Army worms and Tent caterpillars are the same thing, and no they are not, army worms actually turn into really ugly Army Moths. If you have seen a few of these in your yard Click Here for some helpful information on how to deal with these pests, before all your beautiful shrubs or garden are destroyed.


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