Over 8,000 couples have said "I Do" at the Mall of America's Chapel of Love, but that number will soon stop growing as the Chapel of Love will close its doors for good.

The announcement of the closure came through their social media channels, after 28 1/2 years of marrying couples in the largest shopping mall in America, they will call it quits on August 28th.

The owners say that "it's time to move into retirement" as the reason for the closure, the Chapel of Love isn't done hitching couples yet though, now through their closing, they will be offering $50 off any wedding package that does not include photos, flowers, or video. They also offer 40% off all in-store merch and will sell fixtures closer to the closing date.

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Wedding packages at Chapel of Love start at $249, this is just the basics, if you want flowers, a video of your ceremony, or photos, that will all cost extra. They say that their ceremonies are inexpensive, but are never cheap or tacky.

The staff at Chapel of Love says, "It will be a sad day, but we know that the future will hold many great adventures, plus we have our fond memories or our wonderful clients which we will forever hold in our hearts."

The Mall of America is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, so this has to be sad news to see one of the original Mall of America stores closing, but for all things that come to end, it just creates a new opportunity for someone else to come in and try something new and creative.

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