With rent as crazy high as it is in Duluth buying a house that made need a little TLC might be the way to go. Not for me though, because I can barely screw in a light bulb, so it would cost me a fortune to flip a house.

I decided to take a look around on Zillow and found the cheapest property I could find in Duluth and Superior. Both of these homes are foreclosed and the initial price is set for auction, but either way could be a deal If you have the means or the skill to fix it up.


  • Photo courtesy of auction.com via Zillow

    1827 N. 1'st Street in Duluth

    This home has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and is 1,986 Square Feet. Starting Auction Price is $17,500 at Auction.com

  • Photo courtesy of auctions.com Via Zillow

    1414 John Avenue in Superior

    This home is a foreclosure that is up for Auction as well. It is a 4 bedroom 1 bath home that is 1,684 square feet. Starting Auction Price is $10,000 through auctions.com