The Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce did a survey last week asking for opinions about the proposed face mask ordinance the City Council is voting on next week.

And the results are in with a large majority favoring the new ordinance, over 5,000 people completed the short survey and of that 67% of chamber members supported it and 66% of the greater community supported it.

Only 30% of chamber members opposed the ordinance and 3% were undecided, results with the community were generally the same.

The second question in the survey gave the opportunity for participants to offer comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns and the Chamber provided an overview of the common themes:

• How will this be enforced; is it bestowed upon the business owner?
• What defines as a face covering; proper face-covering etiquette
• Signage and awareness for tourists
• I will not patronize Duluth if this goes into effect
• I do not patronize establishments that do not require masks
• This is an easy way to promote health in our community
• Allow the business to decide for themselves / Allow the individual to decide for themselves

The Duluth City Council will vote on the ordinance during their scheduled meeting on Monday, July 13th.

Duluth Chamber
Duluth Chamber

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