According to an article from the Duluth News Tribune, the Duluth Transit Authority has been awarded electric buses and charging stations worth more than $6.3 millionto come in 2016 by the Federal Transit Administration yesterday.

Looking at the future for city transportation, one world think an electric sidewalk like a treadmill, jetpacks or something out of the 'Jetsons'. Before we get to that point, we start with electric buses. According to the article, it takes only five to seven minutes to charge and expected to run up to 25 miles or a hour and half in cold weather and double that in the summer.

One question that comes to mind is will the electric buses actually hold up during our very cold and brutal winters? It gets pretty cold and some vehicles can't handle it in the Northland. So how will these buses prevail?

Another question is what sort of sounds will the bus make? Electric cars are pretty quiet and we don't need silent predators on the roadways. I'm all for going green , plus now I don't have to worry about what comes out of the exhaust when I'm driving behind the buses.

I'm just curious on some aspects of these new buses.Comment below and tell me what you think of these future buses or what other sort of invention will come for the future of city transportion.