If you have friends or relatives outside the Twin Ports, now is the time to do some networking to get the hottest toy of the season-"Hatchimals."

For anyone who has had a Furbie in the past, this interactive toy takes it to the next level right off the bat. So how do you get your hands on one? Every Big Box store I googled On-Line is out of them, Amazon.com has them for sale but they all average well over $200. The regular price for these is around $60. As of today Toys 'R Us still had some at the normal price, but it was in store only.

If you are willing to pay any amount of money, plenty of people have them for sale, but again with a little networking you might be able to get one at the suggested retail price. According to the Hatchimals website they are selling out of them as fast as they can make them, but promise to have more out by 2017.


For more information on Hatchimals Click Here