One of the hottest trends in exterior illumination is the use of lasers, they are usually little red and green dots projected on a house, sometimes moving, sometimes not, but either way they suck.

Every store is selling them this year, and I have a feeling a ton will be available on clearance after the holiday is over, just look at this photo I took at Menards of all the different varieties of laser Christmas lights.

I'm sorry, but the little dots scattered all over your house is NOT the same as hanging lights, the laser light doesn't look very festive either, there is just something about the glow of traditional Christmas lights that isn't there with these laser lights.

I get that putting up traditional Christmas lights can be a hassle, but using these as a replacement for the real thing should not be an option, just don't put up anything if this is all you're going to use.

Even when used with traditional Christmas lights the lasers don't look good, but to each their own and if you like them, great!


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