Willie Kruger was a person that loved to dance, and his history in the Twin Ports area is undeniable, many people remember his influence.

John D'Auria is Willie's cousin and best friend. He started a dance competition to honor his friend Willie Kruger and his belief that people of different backgrounds can get together and not worry about what they are, that they are dancers.

Unfortunately, this year will be the last year. John is hoping it's the biggest one too. This year will be on November 7th at The Encounter. Sign up is at 11 am to 1 pm and the competition begins at 2 pm and goes to about 6 pm. The event is free of charge and also free to enter.

chris allen
chris allen

People are asked to bring Hats, Mittens, Gloves, Scarves and we will even take tube socks/winter socks, etc. and all of this will be donated to the Life House in Downtown Duluth, MN for the Homeless Teens

There will be a first. Some old footage of Willie and the 1985 Icebreakers will be shown. There is an edited version that will be featured.  For any other questions or information please read the rules on the Willie Kruger Dance Competition page or contact John D'Auria at 218-464-8484.

The DJ this year will be Ryan Rusnak from Blue Chip Entertainment, Your National Anthem Singer opening the show will be Belle Modeen. Your three judges will be all former champions of the competition Aidan J. Saillard, Karlyn Nessa and Billy Boykin. Your Special Guest performer at Intermission will be Mac Streetz performing 2 songs for you.
All the photographs will be taken by Jesse Nord and Colin Kirkwood and of course, as always your M.C. will be Mr. Ant Jonez. IFan.tv will be there airing the show live, so if you have friends or family that can't make the show have them go to www.IFan.tv to watch you perform.

This is an open-style dance competition for ages 9-up.  The age groups are 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, and 18-up. Also, Group Competition may not have more than 10 dancers per group and no less than two dancers. You can dance in a group and be a part of the solo competition as well.

Chance was a guest on the show a few years back, here is what the competition meant to him.

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