For the first time since he left The Daily Show in 2015, Jon Stewart is returning to television full-time with a new show (billed as a “current affairs series”) on Apple TV+The Problem With Jon Stewart, as its called, will premiere on September 30. After that, new episodes premiere every other week on Apple’s streaming service. (The show also has its own official podcast, with new episodes premiering weekly.)

According to a press release The Problem is a “multiple-season, single-issue series, taking a deep-dive on the most important topics that are currently part of the national conversation. In this new Apple Original series, Stewart will be in discussion with the people who are impacted by the issue — as well as those who have a hand in creating the impact. Together, they will discuss tangible steps that can lead to a solutionary path forward.”

The podcast will focus on the same topics as the television series, with contributions from various members of the staff of The Problem. Here’s the show’s first full teaser:

The whole “new episodes every other week” thing is interesting; has any other television show in recent history tried that sort of schedule? I’m struggling to think of one. Last Week Tonight (hosted by another Daily Show alum, John Oliver) has shown that topical shows focused on big issues in something like The Daily Show style can absolutely work as a weekly. So how about biweekly? We’ll see.

The Problem With Jon Stewart premieres on Thursday, September 30 on Apple TV+.

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