One thing the Twin Ports is full of is beautiful historical places like the St. Louis County Depot which is reopening Thursday April 1. With the pandemic this historical building has remained silent, unlike the usual hustle and bustle you would regularly see and hear year round. The Depot is a staple in the community and has been for 100 years offering a variety of programs and services for the community.

Although the actual building is opening back up a few of their services and programs are not available like renting any of the three spaces they have for events. But with seven different agencies all housed in one building, even during these trying times, there is something for everyone to come see and explore.

Some exciting news is some new attractions for all to see including several new Duluth art institute installations and a photography exhibits. As reported by FOX21 St. Louis County Depot Director, Mary Tennis said.

Really above anything else is just to be of service to the community. To inspire folks. To connect folks. To educate folks. I mean, if we hit that mark we’ve really done it.

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Currently there are three different digital tours that are offered at the Depot ranging from an interactive tour to a personalized tour of the building all done from your home or school. The Depot staff advises that before you come and visit to make sure to check out the websites of the various agencies in the building since some have more things available right now then others.

I know I am not alone when I say I can't wait for the day when the Great Hall is filled to the brim with people celebrating. And the Northshore Scenic Railroad is chugging along the tracks with adults and kids alike waving from the open cars. But until then we need to play it safe while still enjoying some of the exhibits the Depot has to offer.

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