According to a website called Roadsnacks these are the 10 most dangerous cities in the state of Minnesota.

Before I get started the statistics that were used to compile this list is from The FBI's Uniform Crime Report which summarized property crimes and violent crimes in each city per year. Also, this report was only done on cities with a population of 5,000 people or more and was last conducted in 2014.

  1. Bemidji
  2. Virginia
  3. Brainerd
  4. Minneapolis
  5. West St. Paul
  6. Waite Park
  7. Duluth
  8. St. Cloud
  9. St. Paul
  10. Brooklyn Center

It may be hard for some to consider smaller towns having a higher crime rate in these categories, but based on population and crimes that occurred that is what ranks some of these smaller towns higher on the list. Do you think that crime in Duluth has gotten better or worse since 2014?

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