It’s been an exciting season of ‘The Voice’ so far, to say the very least. Tonight’s episode (Dec. 11) was both surprising and bittersweet, as one contestant was sent home while the other three remain.

Although Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera no longer have any singers left on the show, they are still passionately involved in the competition. “I’m so proud of these guys,” said Levine. “I’m genuinely happy and excited and thrilled for these four and all that they’ve accomplished.” Aguilera then stated, “The four of us coming together as coaches, we truly care and are so invested in the song choices and who they wanna be as artists … It’s been a great show," she gushed. "The pressure’s off of me, but no matter what, they’re so talented and they’ve grown leaps and bounds.”

Team Blake’s Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope kicked off the night’s performances by singing a rendition of ‘Little Talk’ by Of Monsters and Men. Not long after, Juliet Simms – a name you all might recognize from Season 2 of ‘The Voice’ – delivered ‘Wild Child,’ complete with an impressive black cape. The episode also featured performances by a few more of the show’s veterans, including ‘Boyfriend’ by RaeLynn and ‘Roads’ by Chris Mann.

The four singers were incredibly humble when asked about their various musical inspirations. “For me, it was hearing the Eagles and Queen and all of the greats – when you hear that music, it reminds you of the beginning,” said McDermott. “The first music I listened to was Whitney Houston,” added Trevin Hunte. Pope then stated, “Certain melodies would make me cry, so it was just an emotional connection with me right off the bat.”

The show's host, Carson Daly, used that vulnerable moment to his advantage and asked Pope, “How do you find the connection to lyrics that other people have written?” Her response was as follows: “I put myself in their positions … I think about all the obstacles they have to overcome. Even before my old band, I went through a lot … I built myself a thicker skin and try to live in that moment.”

Team Cee Lo's Hunte and Nicholas David rounded out the episode by delivering a moving and heartfelt version of Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero.’ “You’re both very special and very different,” remarked Levine in response to their performance. “I’ve grown to know you as people and as talents and I was so wrong not to turn around for you guys.”

At this point, it's clear that all four artists have won us over in one way or another. Check below to find out which contestants remain.

Team Blake:
•   Terry McDermott
•   Cassadee Pope

Team Cee Lo:
•   Nicholas David

While we’re busy getting over the shock of Hunte being eliminated, Blake Shelton offered some hopeful words to his two remaining contestants. “It’s difficult to see two of my best people see pitted against each other," he said. "You have my love, my respect, my admiration and my loyalty and I will be with both of you from this day forward. May the best man win."

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