Congratulations to Rachel Christine of Delevan Wisconsin who successfully made it through the battle rounds on the popular television show 'The Voice' after she was picked by both Chance The Rapper and Kelly Clarkson who both turned their chairs around to try and get her on their perspective team.

For anyone who has watched the singing competition show it is no easy task to make it to the stage to sing in front of the coaches and not only did Christine make it to that round she absolutely killed it singing Alanis Morrisette's "Uninvited."

Chance The Rapper turned his chair first and Clarkson actually turned her chair right at the last minute. Nial Horan and Blake Shelton the other two coaches did not turn their chairs around and in typical smart-alec Blake Shelton fashion he said her song reminded him of Nightmare on Elm Street. I have no idea what he meant by that, but at least Horan was a bit nicer about why he did not turn around.

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Horan told her that he simply would not know what to do with such a powerful voice like hers. It has to be a tough decision when you have more than one coach turn their chair around to lure you onto their team, but in the end, the contestant has to make sure they pick someone who will be the best fit for them to go all the way and win the show.

According to Clarkson said, "If I were your coach, I would want you to attack certain parts a little bit stronger and a little bit wild," Although Chance showered Christine with compliments, in the end, she went with Kelly Clarkson. You can watch 'The Voice' Tuesday nights at 8 pm Central on NBC. Good Luck Rachel!

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